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BABICHacoustics provides acoustics and noise control solutions for classrooms, sports complexes, and learning spaces. Recommendations for classrooms align with ANSI S12.60, Acoustical Performance Criteria, Design Requirements, and Guidelines for Schools, as well as LEED v4 for Schools.

Speech intelligibility is the primary concern in classrooms and instructional spaces. Reverberation within the room is controlled with cost-effective acoustical treatments while paying attention to aesthetics. Using proper constructions and mechanical design techniques reduces noise from adjacent spaces.

LEED v4 for Schools contains minimum acoustical performance prerequisites, as well as enhanced acoustical performance guidelines. BABICHacoustics provides design services to meet or exceed these criteria.

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Sewickley Academy / EVENTS CENTER & Means Alumni Gym

Architect: LGA Partners


Indiana University Pennsylvania / Waller Hall


University of Pittsburgh / Parran Hall

Architect: FortyEighty Architecture