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Open Office Workstations

After working out of a home office for the past 6+ years, I recently began spending some time at a co-working space. If you’re not familiar with co-working spaces, they allow a group of new companies and small businesses to share an office space, conference rooms, etc.

Open office workstations allow more natural light into the core of the building and allow personnel to feel less “trapped.” The downside of this type of work environment is the transient noise that you hear while you are working… other people’s conversations, speakerphones, dishes clanking, etc. Attached is a video below of this environment. As you can hear in the video, this office space has music to help “mask” some of the extraneous noise. Nevertheless, some people do not like working with music.

How do you overcome distractions without constructing a series of private offices? Sound masking. A series loudspeakers in the office can be installed with “white noise” to help increase the noise level and reduce distractions from the human interactions around. It is proven way to improve worker productivity without compromising aesthetics.