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BABICHacoustics designs condominiums, apartments, hotels, and other multi-family buildings to reduce airborne and structure-borne sound. Recommendations are consistent with the International Building Code, as well as local noise ordinances.

Multi-use buildings include a variety of challenges. A building may include a noisy commercial tenant with planned adjacency to a quiet office space or residential unit. BABICHacousitcs works with architects and building owners during the design process to determine effective space planning and sound isolation solutions.

Construction administration services include on-site acoustical testing to determine the effectiveness of walls and floor-ceiling assemblies. Sound transmission class (STC) testing and impact insulation class (IIC) testing is used to evaluate and improve acoustical privacy.

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BAkery Living

Owner: Walnut Capital

Architect: Strada 



Eastside bond apartments, Noise Survey

Owner: The Mosites Company

820 Liberty Avenue Lofts, Architect: Rothschild Doyno Collaborative, In progress

Hillcrest Senior Residences, mechanical Noise Survey; 2018

2500 Smallman Street Condominiums, ARchitect: Desmone Architects, 2016